About Miallure

Our Lash & Brow boutique specializes in the art of eyelash extension, makeup, brow design, and brow reconstruction. It is pleasantly surprising how professionally done eyelashes & brows can frame an individuals face and compliment a persons overall image and facial features. Being that beauty is our passion, we are committed to providing the highest quality services.

Our specialists consult with each and every client in order to design and recommend the eyelash extension, brow procedure and makeup that best suits each person's unique features and desired look. Every lash technician at Lash & Brow Boutique is licensed and has gone through extensive training to stay ahead of the competition.  With this being said, Miallure uses the best products on the market. We continually strive to be the best at what we do by providing the latest application methods to our clients and the experience behind it. Our goal is to make sure that each time you leave our boutique we allow you to see your beauty from a whole new perspective.

Get to know: Maria Ermeeva, Founder & Owner of MIALLURE

I began my career as an eyelash artist in Russia in 2009. When I moved to Miami I found that the eyelash industry was newly introduced. After working in several salons throughout Miami I decided to start my own business soon after. My continued education as an Artist and my BA in Fine Arts has provided me with new application techniques and helped me perfect my technician skills. I not only have the education and experience behind my title; however, I have also been trained by the world's best in Volume Eyelash Extensions - Irina Levchuk.

Passion surfaces when you enjoy what you do. My passion involves applying makeup and creatively working with different colors and styles to enhance beauty. While working for a period of time with makeup and eyelash extensions, I noticed many clients experiencing issues with their eyebrows. Eyebrows are extremely significant in the impression and frame of an individuals face. Therefore, I decided to add 'eyebrow technician' to my specialties; knowing that it would be an excellent service to offer in addition to eyelash extensions and makeup. I encountered a new unique, "permanent eyebrow reconstruction." Unlike traditionally, unsightly permanent eyebrow techniques, this method applies individual, angled hair strokes that mimic natural growth. The result is a beautiful, defined finish that is both natural and discreet.

I strive to help women feel confident, look, and feel their best everyday with natural-looking, permanent makeup that enhances their facial features. With every consultation I carry out, I listen to my client’s needs, analyze their unique facial features and uncover their distinct personality. From initial consultations to procedures and after-care, my intention is to build relationships with my clients while keeping them informed and confident in their appearance. In any given consultation I will discuss all available colors, eyelash techniques, style options, and advise you on the perfect design options to compliment your features. I am able to provide a level of artistry and service that is unparalleled in my industry. My focus is you, your needs, your expectations, and more importantly - how I can exceed them.